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  6. The schippan family cottage still stands but it is very dilapidated and neglected.

    This area is also home to a number of other unique archaeological finds including an old iron forge dating back to when a village in this area was called the « White Mill ».

    In the late 1800’s the township of Nantahala was a major trade hub, the iron and iron ore exports made Nantahala an important port and the main settlement in the Southcentral area, and the town was also home to a thriving dairy farm and many other farms. The old mill in the area that was used to churn out iron was also used for processing coal into coal oil.

    There are many different structures in Nantahala. From the historic red cedar house, to the three story brick mansion, to the house of a family from the 1880’s, many of which are still in use today. This area contains the local tavern, tavern house, and two small towns, one that is just a stone’s throw from the town center and another about 2-3 miles outside of town.

    A view of Nantahala from the road, about 2 miles outside of town

    A look inside the stone building on the left is still active, still showing that it has been used as a school in the past –

    This area is located on the northwest end of the Nantahala county line, within the town of Nantahala. The current owner of the property is a member of the Nantahala City Fire Department. They have used this portion of the property as a storage yard since the 1920’s and have an electric company which currently works the area. The area also has several homes, many with gardens. The houses date back to at least the 1700’s and were used for storage for a group of men known as « Sailors » who were working for the Nantahala Town Company. They were very proud of their hard work and were highly respected within the town. These Sailors did not have the luxury of living in the comfort of a home so many of them would go out hunting, fishing, and camping in the area.

    An old iron forge in the early 1900’s –

    A view of Nantahala from the street at night –

    A view of the old house on the far right near one of the iron works near the river –

    Nantahala is surrounded by the Nantahala City Fire Department building, which is about 30-35 feet long, 6-7 feet wide, and 8-9 feet tall with a brick upper ground level. The building is surrounded by three large buildings: the house of the fireman and residence building, the railroad station, and a grocery store. This house is also i

    Solomons based troops mark anzac day on May 26, 1946. Photo: Handout

    There is no easy way to remember a day of this kind but to remember what happened, particularly to children, is as painful as it is beautiful. The moment the boys’ school started, the school’s principal decided that their parents had to get out of school after the school day. As they left, the principal gave a brief sermon about how we Australians are to be proud of our country and of our achievements in a war and the men and women who fought in that war.

    The only one not happy about that, his name is Kevin Rudd – the young man in the middle. He knew the speech he was about to give. He listened to Kevin Rudd speak, he saw the first pictures of the young soldier and was convinced that the speech he was about to make would change his life forever. In that moment, Rudd became a leader.

    When he came out of the school, he was in the back of a limo outside the Prime Minister’s office. He was a candidate for the leadership of the Labor Party and he was on the campaign trail. This was his moment – the moment he came into politics.

    It was the summer of 1945. All week people had been asking, what do you think of the Japanese war?

    That was the question, you know, if you asked, does the country want to be engaged in a war with a nation that is now as strong as Canada? And the prime minister’s answer was, no, absolutely not. No, no we don’t. I am not going to engage in that kind of thing, because if we are to succeed in Australia, we will not be able to engage in that kind of thing if it is to benefit our country.

    When you say ‘we’, what do you mean?

    We are a people who have been here thousands and thousands of years and we feel that we have learned quite a lot. The Australian way of life we have brought on us. The Australian way of life that has made us wealthy, made us respected, has given us the respect and a national pride which we are still proud of. We have learned a great deal from other cultures, but our own has been rather different in a lot of ways that we have to overcome.

    That is true. If there is a war with the United States, I don’t think that country, any war with America, will make it any easier for us to win the war. I mean a lot of the things they use against us today – I mean for example if they take us to war against China or Russia, they can make us have a problem with that country because they have got a big country and it might be something they wan

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  8. Arsenal frustrated in everton stalemate, but kept up the pressure on Moyes Read more

    They have spent about £50m on the 25-year-old, who joined Manchester United in May 2014, signing a two-year contract after he won two league titles at Everton and a treble at Leicester, who had previously refused to sell him.

    Trouble at Old Trafford followed him joining Old Trafford, with a £24m move from City last summer and a summer departure from Porto, before he left to join Chelsea. He then joined QPR in January, where his loan spell started in time for City’s tour of the Far East this week.

    Trouble: United fans’ protest over Ferguson leaving Read more

    United have been desperate for new players this summer, with Ashley Young, 21, their first summer signing, and 21-year-old defender Chris Smalling also leaving.

    Ferguson says that he and his staff will speak to Everton when they return from Asia early next week.

    Major sponsors turn backs on storm

    Walking past the stage of the rally on a sunny afternoon, Michael O’Malley, a 33-year-old accountant from South Bend, Indiana, said he’s always been concerned about the impact of the storm’s effects on the region. « As we move toward Election Day, we’re going to have to make decisions on which side we want to go on, » said O’Malley, who voted for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton for president. « And if I don’t decide where I want to vote, then I think this will lead to an increased polarization in our country. I don’t want our country divided. »

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  11. Central coast 7s dominated by powerful australian lines like the Malay Archipelago and the archipelago and the Indonesian archipelago and the eastern islands where the winds become stronger. The main north-west wind track is on the Malay archipelago which is dominated by a strong north-west shear on the northern end of the archipelago. The northern end of the archipelago is dominated by a strong west-south shear of the sea on the western end of the archipelago. The main west-northwest wind track is mostly dominated by high pressure and the high pressure line also has some strong easterly winds that are able to carry the shear.

    The main east-west wind track is dominated by high pressure on the northwest edge of Indonesia and the western islands where the winds become more relaxed.

    East coast wind

    Most of the wind on the eastern coast of South-East Asia is a very easterly west-northwest shear. It has the highest shear in the area and the least easterly side of all the wind tracks that cover East Asia. The east coast winds are relatively free from strong easterly wind shear but still have strong northerly and westerly shear. The east coast winds do not have enough high pressure and high pressure easterlies to carry very large westerly shear like those that have a strong west-southwest shear.

    South-East coast winds

    The west coast winds have a strong easterly west-northwest shear at the mouth of the Malacca Strait where the east and the west coasts meet. The west coast winds are mainly dominated by strong winds in the range of 35-45 kt and at the very edge of the coast of Peninsular Malaysia. The main west coast winds have a strong west-southwest shear but at the extreme end have low easterlies and low northerly shear.

    West coast winds have a high easterly westerly westerly and moderate easterly high pressure that carry the westerly shear to the west and south and to the west and south. The main west coast winds have low easterlies and low northerly shear and are also strong easterlies in the low pressure area of West Sumatra islands.

    South-east coast wind

    South-east coast winds have low easterlies and low northerly shear and a strong easterly westerly westerly wind that carries the easterly shear over the East India Sea to the far western end of the Indonesian archipelago in the South-West of Sumatra and to Peninsular Malaysia on the east of the islands. The main eas

    Council advised gm didnt breach regulations for buying the tickets

    It’s understood that some of the alleged buyers were paid $150 or $200 by security to take their seats in the front row, though it is understood the rest of the crowd of around 50-60 attended the event.

    It is understood many tickets had already been placed on sale and were then bought on the internet after the security staff were told, by agents from the Queensland Police Service and G7 organisers, that they were not valid.

    One of them was a male from the US who had purchased tickets for $500 from a « sales agent » using an email address that appears to be fake to allow him to buy them on the internet.

    Mr Justice Brown has ordered tickets to be returned to the purchaser for payment to be made via cheque, debit card or similar payment means, or both.

    The incident comes after the Brisbane Lions revealed an online auction where more than $2 million was raised at a price of just $1 for a ticket, while other events in Perth and Sydney, as well as other regional Australia matches, were also available to purchase.

    As well as the Lions and the Brisbane Lions’ coach and executive director, chief executive officer James Aird were among the organisers and the general public.

    The incident has already prompted the Queensland Government to review all ticketing rules for sporting events, including an investigation into whether G7 events in Australia are still subject to security and security firms’ codes of conduct.

    The G7 is a multilateral group of 16 developed and emerging economies in the world, including Australia.

    The security officers were also warned on at least one occasion to report an incident as soon as it happened and to report any suspicious behaviour to police.

    There have also been reports that the Brisbane Lions and the Queensland Lions were not allowed to attend the event. The Lions has also said it cannot confirm who the « sales agent » was.

    The match is set to be played on March 4, the first G7 tournament of the 2017 season.

    media_camera Police said some tickets are now sold on the internet, but they cannot say why it happened.

    – with AAP

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    Warriors cant weather rampant storm damage as they push on to beat the Bucks 76-77


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  14. Earthquake barrier draw shakes blue diamond betting odds’

    By Steve Holland, Associated Press

    NEW YORK (AP) — The largest and the most powerful earthquakes that have devastated the U.S. have shaken the country’s blue diamond industries, but their effects are barely discernible on the ground.

    The U.S. Geological Survey says a magnitude-8.4 earthquake on Saturday night shook the state of Kentucky’s Blue Diamonds diamond mine at a rate of 10,000 times per hour during an intense 12-hour quake.

    The quake shook much of the area but didn’t cause damage to factories, businesses or buildings on the ground.

    Scientists said that the strongest tremor was measured at 6.5. A previous magnitude-8.5 quake in 1999 hit the Blue Diamonds mine near Kentucky in December 1985. It was the first big earthquake to happen near a large mining operation since a magnitude-8.0 quake rocked Ohio in 1989.

    The seismic hazard zone is 20 miles (32 kilometers) deep and 5 miles wide around the Blue Diamonds mine. There are no known risks related to mining the rock in that area.

    Researchers didn’t expect to be able to determine the effects of a magnitude-6.2 quake or higher on Blue Diamonds until a more recent earthquake last month, which did not cause any damage.

    The U.S.GS said no major damage or injuries have been reported because there’s no evidence the tremors caused structures to buckle or fail. It’s unclear how high or shallow the earthquake was in the area.

    The quake left roads impassable.

    The Blue Diamonds diamond mine produces about 2 million rocks a year in Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio.

    A Blue Diamonds spokesperson said a « firm, coordinated response » will be put in place in the affected area because there hasn’t been a quake of this size since the March 2011 earthquake. He wouldn’t give exact hours of operation as that has not been announced but said they will continue to monitor the damage.

    The region’s earthquake alert was in effect for much of Kentucky from the start of the day, with hundreds of reports of a « quiet feeling. » Most people in that zone were asked to leave and advised to avoid the area.

    Several hours after the tremors, Gov. Matt Bevin declared a state of emergency in Kentucky. He said emergency responders will be deployed immediately to « take care of any injuries to individuals or homes that are caused » by the earthquakes.

    Some schools were closed as roads were blocked.

    In Kentucky, schools closed for the rest of the day, and some areas received partial power outages. People were told to stay away and not to drive or use public transportation.


    Virgin considers europe to australia route after meeting EU commissioners on Tuesday EU officials are not convinced that a route from Europe’s southernmost member to the north will be profitable, the country’s finance minister told German newspaper Bild. « I believe that there may be a short-term profitability, but the future of europe is at stake here and we have to take note of it. I cannot envisage an economic case that allows us to go this route, » Wolfgang Schaeuble said, according to Bild.

    A spokeswoman for Austria’s transport ministry told CNBC that « it’s premature » to say whether the country has any plans to expand its services with the Eurostar system. « There has been no direct dialogue with Germany as yet and we are now waiting for the Eurostar route extension, » she told CNBC.

    In a separate press conference on Monday, Austrian Minister of Finance Ueli Maurer said Vienna will expand the capacity of the Eurostar from its current 30,000 passengers to 50,000 passengers by 2020, boosting passenger-shares to 15% from 12%.

    The new Eurostar line is expected to be completed by 2015 and will link the city of Vienna with the southern Netherlands.

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel, in her first official trip to Vienna, said that she would press for new funding for infrastructure, education and migration programs to ensure that Austria could attract foreign investors and make the euro area attractive for the European dream.

  15. Traditional owners henbury station on Thursday reported that the car-related accident was the second time they had had to deal with an impasse in recent days as the car was not being serviced.

    The owner of a nearby car dealership confirmed to Sky News that he too had received a call yesterday from the owner of a similar vehicle which he believed had been impounded by the station.

    « We also have a business and a car dealership in a block of flats, which just happen to be two blocks away from this one car dealership, » said the dealer in his office.

    « What should have been just ordinary service was quickly followed up by an unusual vehicle being impounded.  »

    The incident is the latest in a string of incidents with cars impounded by Sky News, in which the owner of an 18-month-old car was refused entry to the premises after the driver refused to remove a police tag attached to the vehicle.

    Scientist discovers australian continent gyrates with giant land mammals


    A research expedition to the world’s oldest continent, the African continent, has discovered giant land mammals are known to roam around in the past 2.5 million years.

    The research, by Australian scientists, found evidence of two species of woolly mammoths in an extinct site in Central Africa.

    It suggests the giant land mammals are closely related to the mammoth lineage that still exists today in western and northern Africa.

    These mammoth-like animals were around during the time of the Last Glacial Maximum, when the last Ice Age ended and the world was warming up.

    A second type of woolly mammoth found at the site dates from between the last Ice Age and the start of the Cretaceous period, when the ice caps at the end of the Pliocene ended and all of Africa was once ice free.

    The scientists’ findings suggest an early hominin ancestors, with an average of 8-9 metres long, might have lived in the region until about 20 million years ago.

    This finding has major implications for our understanding of the origins and extinction of the early hominins.

    The findings highlight the need for an advanced understanding of the processes that led to the rapid loss of Africa from its past, said lead researcher Professor Simon Chapman from University of Adelaide’s School of Earth and Environmental Sciences.

    « One of the big things we need to investigate now is what may have happened to the rest of the continent after these humans left, » Professor Chapman said.

    « You don’t have the fossil record to back it up, it seems to be very consistent with a period of glacial-interglacial extinctions which happened around 100,000 years ago. »

    He said there were several possible reasons why the woolly mammoths in this region disappeared.

    « The most likely is that they were pushed out of their home by something like glacial or ice ages, » he said.

    « The other possibility is they moved out, likely because of the impact of modern humans, or maybe because they were eaten up by predators and/or humans.

    « There’s also the prospect that this region may have been invaded by a different type of land mammal and that our woolly mammoths had been driven out by it. »

    Professor Chapman said an international team was going to look at several different theories to answer this question.

    « We want to figure out what’s driving this particular event in terms of the timing of the events, how fast things did happen, how fast these changes happened and what happened to these particular animals as a result, » he said.

    Topics: human-interest, human-interest-and-society, human-interes

  16. Narrogin ag college students bag potatoes at yollaar.com/yodaar

    The event is a celebration of the best parts of living and of doing things outside of our homes. « The aim of the day isn’t to become rich; we just want to make life a bit easier, » says Jodie.

    The idea behind these potato festival comes from their previous event « Yodaar, » held a year ago. At the Yodaar festival, students in the university food business teach the local chefs to make their own delicacies that would be suitable for the students. Students are given various skills, including food-tasting, cooking and sewing skills.

    Ahead of the big day, these students and a lot of teachers from school go to the home of the student’s parents, often in the evening. While the students are in the process of preparing and preparing a dish for the students, it is usually at 4:30 in the morning when they arrive.

    « We take a few minutes to prepare the bowl of potato, because it comes with an expectation of having to do a few things, like boil potatoes, boil them until it looks like a porridge, fry them, and serve it at the end of the day, » says Jodie.

    The students don’t need to be students of any educational level. They can even earn some money when the potato festival happens. « Sometimes, they get their pay from the student who prepares the potato. But most of the food is paid for by the parents because they are very happy with the food that they serve for these students, » says Jodie.

    One of the things they enjoy most about the potato festival is that they are free. While some of these students enjoy the day, most of them do not like to go out the house and bring potato into the city or a neighborhood. « Our goal is to provide the same opportunity for the students as we have provided the students when they were visiting us, » says Jodie.

    Land allocated for new coal port in Indonesia


    JAKARTA, May 3 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Indonesia’s central government plans to invest a further $8 billion in a proposed coal port at a site in northwest Aceh province in April or May, a government source said on Friday, in one of its biggest infrastructure investments to date.

    The port would be about 20 km (12 miles) north of Aceh city in the Aceh province, around 1,000 km from Java’s biggest island, where the central government plans to build a nuclear power station as a rival to fossil fuel production.

    Preliminary plans for the project, which will likely be unveiled in May, include a 1-2km stretch of land with a planned 2 million tonnes of iron ore.

    The project, a joint initiative of two ministries, would also include a nuclear power station, a dam and a transport hub connecting Aceh to Java, a transport zone and a city complex, the source said.

    « We hope that by opening a port, we can create jobs and build a port that makes sense to the Indonesian economy, » Finance Minister Riza Aziz said in Jakarta on Thursday.

    « We hope it will attract new investment in the region, » Aziz said at a ceremony to unveil the project, which he said will create 100 jobs for each port, at the government’s Central Asian Economic Development Agency office in Jakarta.

    The country already has around 50 coal ports, and the expansion of the coal industry has attracted major investments, including a $7 billion port facility near Kalimantan, which started operating this year.

    One of the main concerns among many officials and environmentalists is a potential spillover of radioactive steam into the sea, because an area the size of South Africa would be exposed to the toxic fumes.

    Tougher environmental rules in Aceh have resulted in a record number of port closures in recent years, leading to an increase in deaths from respiratory ailments. Many port terminals also use toxic chemical to treat sludge.

    Aceh has a population of more than half a million, with the largest ethnic group being the Bekasi, a largely Muslim ethnic minority who make up around 20 percent of the total population.

    However, local activists and environmental organizations have raised questions over the environmental impacts of a potential port expansion project.

    The port’s environmental impact will be monitored over time by three regional agencies and will be reviewed annually to determine if there has been improvement.

    Aceh state government, which has an estimated population of around 7 million people, currently has more than 80 ports.

    (Additional reporting by Roberta Ra

  17. Wangara factory fire damage bill estimated at 12 million rupees ($1.9 million)

    On Wednesday, Wangara Electric Co. said about 6.1 million yuan ($8.95 million) of its shares were wiped out due to the fire.

    Wangara had said its shares would have a total market value of about 2.6 billion yuan ($51 million) in the coming days.

    The company also said it would raise $500 million in its 2016 annual general meeting, which has been delayed because of ongoing investigations and protests in China.

    Billy gordon to face further scrutiny when parliament returns on February 12

    MPs have said a letter sent by Mr Corbyn to Jeremy Corbyn to ask him not to stand against Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn appeared « patently misleading » and had breached the party code of conduct.

    The Labour MP has described the letter as « patently misleading » following the letter’s inclusion in The Times on Monday, suggesting he was being asked not to stand.

    When asked, Mr Corbyn said: « I’m clear. In my letter to Mr Corbyn I had never asked him not to stand. He has asked me not to stand. I think he should do the same in other circumstances, including when he gets an appointment with the prime minister. »

    He added: « I’m totally focused on what I have got to do as leader of the Labour Party, and I can’t afford to be distracted. »

    However, his deputy leader Tom Watson said: « If you read the letter, there is no suggestion of what he intended by what he said. »

    Labour’s internal inquiry has found that Mr Corbyn was asked by Mr Owen – a « legitimate political commentator » – to resign after an article in the Mail on Sunday alleged a £10,000 contribution made to Mr Corbyn’s campaign.

    It has claimed that Mr Corbyn then made a formal motion not to stand at a general election after a meeting in September last year.

    The inquiry found that Mr Corbyn had not written back to the Labour leader « saying: ‘No, I can’t’. He was asking him to not stand, to think about it. The letter was not meant to be a question to Mr Corbyn, but a question to him about how to proceed. It wasn’t directed at him, or to him as a journalist. It was designed to have a positive impact. »

    The inquiry said: « The letter was entirely transparent about how it was written, and clearly, Mr Corbyn knew this. »

    This is only the latest dispute involving Mr Corbyn in recent weeks. During his recent trip to Switzerland, Mr Corbyn was asked to resign over an appearance in The Guardian newspaper.

    However, Mr Watson later defended the decision to send him the letter, saying he had « reaffirmed his commitment to his colleagues by calling on him not to stand at an election ».

    The letter was read out during a Labour Party function, but it was not made public until several hours later, when Mr Corbyn made the speech that triggered the investigation.

    The Labour leader, the party’s election campaign chief Mark Field and deputy leader Tom Watson were present, and were asked by Labour members how they were dealing with the « travesty of today’s Mail » claims.

    Mr Field said: « There is a widespread perception that Jeremy is no

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    But when the tanks finally came, I just ran away.

    You could see what this man saw the most, the blood. It was unbelievable. I just didn’t want to live. I knew that if I did, it would kill me.

    I had been in the war for two years then. I was a sergeant and I had been in two wars.

    I remember you standing over a hill. I am sure you were looking at me right now. It looks like I was looking directly in the way of some of these tanks. At that moment in time you’re looking for the right target to shoot?

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    Geelong has already made a move to grow its workforce, hiring over 15,000 people since 2016, and has attracted a host of corporate and investment groups that want to make it one of the top 50 cities for millennials by 2035.

    The Sydney Morning Herald notes that more than 600 new businesses have emerged in the city in the last 10 years, and that the new investment and growth figures will make this region the city of the future.

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    Perth’s favourite Liberal senator says he wants to move to Canada from Australia if he can make it to the next federal election with his seat of Melbourne.

    Michael McCormack, who was elected to parliament in 2007 and is seen as a possible candidate in next year’s federal election, told 7.30 he would move if his « career » in public service was over.

    Senator McCormack, who is in the Senate for 22 years, told 7.30 « there are a lot of people who want me to move, it depends on what I get elected.

    « At the moment I’m very close, maybe another election, » he said.

    « I’m very, very open. »

    In an interview with 7.30 earlier this month, he said he believed he would be more successful in the Senate if he moved.

    « If I win an election in this place I have to go somewhere else and I really want to go and play a different role and I’ve got no problem doing so, » Senator McCormack said.

    « It’s going to be very tough to do it. I’ve got to be more articulate about my policies and also talk about them more, because sometimes people won’t want to listen to me. »

    Senator McCormack said he could become an MP to support legislation he believed was a good thing.

    « But that’s not going to be possible under the Senate rules. Those are very tight rules. I’ll give that a look, » he said.

    « I’m looking for ways to help in a variety of different ways. »

    Senator McCormack said he didn’t know the reasons behind why his name was left off the ballot.

    « It is my choice, » Senator McCormack said.

    He said he did not mind being called a Senator in Australia but questioned the need to have that status in Canberra.

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    We had the world’s first glimpse at Apple Inc.’s latest products for the new year, the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. Both devices feature aluminum body finishes with a new « glass » top and front face.

    The Apple logo is at the front and sides of the device and a glass finish is located just above the display. The sides are flanked by a speaker grill and bezel-less edges, with a slightly curved design. At the top of the device is an « Slimmer » version of the glass body, with a glass edge and bezel for increased volume and comfort, similar to the iPhone 6S.

    At the back, Apple introduced a new « SIM » variant of the smartphone, which supports LTE and MIMO communications. This variant supports the next-generation Apple Watch band on iOS 10. Apple also introduced the Lightning to 3.5mm port connector for wireless charging of the upcoming iPhone.

    Apple has also introduced the redesigned HomePod accessory system, which has now been optimized to be powered by the new Lightning to 3.5mm ports. The new system will be compatible with iPhone, Apple Watch and Apple’s HomePod, a pair of connected speakers and iPod touch.

    The new « Simplify » Apple Watch Sport model was also introduced as the latest Apple Watch model to debut this year. This new model is inspired by the Nike Air Max 2 and is just a little more streamlined than the predecessor, the « Classic » Apple Watch.

    Apple’s newest iPhone comes in all-plastic, anodized aluminum with a 5.5-inch LCD display, an 8 megapixel rear camera and dual LED flash. As with many other iOS devices, the new device is powered by an « A11 » chip that offers more power efficient processing power for the iPhone’s A11 Bionic chip, with a speed increase from 800 mhz to 2,200 mhz and improved processor performance.

    The device also features a dual SIM version that includes LTE and WiFi connectivity, as well as dual Nano SIM cards. An 8 megapixel front and 5 megapixel rear camera offer a wide range of selfies, while the 3D Touch shortcut key is also available for use for quick, intuitive actions such as playing a song or downloading a file.

    The new device also has the ability to read and send texts. On top of that, it has an updated Siri voice recognition that can even recognize spoken words and phrases.

    At a recent event, Apple CEO Tim Cook reiterated his promise to introduce a new MacBook Pro during its product launch, calling the new Mac « the most important product » in the company’s history.

    Apple launches the first « iPhon

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    An overturned truck in St. Charles on Friday left at least four people injured after a large truck struck multiple parked vehicles parked near the Fairgrounds.

    EMS officials said one person was transported to a hospital with critical burns to his upper chest. Another person remained in critical condition with serious burns to his lower body. The injuries are not life-threatening.

    The accident occurred at around 7:45 a.m. near the intersection of St. Charles Avenue and Piazza Road. A truck was overturned in the area. There were four parked vehicles with an open side door.

    Officials say the fire involved a red pickup truck that rolled and left a rear driver-side door open. No one was on the truck.

    Fire crews say the fire may have occurred around the Fairgrounds, but it wasn’t immediately clear if the fire happened overnight or on the fairgrounds.

    St. Charles fire officials are investigating to see if it is related to the massive truck fire that swept through St. Louis County over the weekend. (Photo: St. Charles County EMS)

    A large area in the Fairgrounds was closed Friday afternoon. Some customers were allowed to return to the fairgrounds early, but some were told to seek shelter elsewhere.

    A man died Thursday in the fire while trying to save a neighbor who was trapped on the firetruck, police said. A woman and an 11-year-old boy were hospitalized in serious condition after suffering burns.

    An hour before the truck fire in St. Charles, St. Charles County officials held a press conference in response to the deadly truck fire. St. Charles County Mayor Bob Hoffman and county emergency managers and others said they were « profoundly sorry » about the incident on St. Charles Avenue.

    CLOSE St. Charles Mayor Bob Hoffman spoke about the fire on St. Charles Avenue. USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin

    « The St. Charles Fairgrounds stands side by side with the local community. We are deeply sorry, » Hoffman said in a statement. « Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected by this terrible tragedy and hope that the swift recovery of the people involved will be successful, if not for someone to be injured in the incident, who will have to live with the pain of what happened. »

    The truck fire, also believed to be connected to two previous truck crashes involving disabled truck trailers on St. Charles Avenue, is still under investigation.

    St. Charles Fire Department said it responded to the fire around 11:05

    Independent retailers call for stronger supermarket regulation

    Kelloggs says it plans to expand its product range from the UK – by introducing a mix of breakfast, lunch and dinner cereals – and has a plan to import cereals from Australia to the UK next year.

    Sainsbury’s already has cereals based on its UK brand from Oceania.

    And McDonalds has already opened a distribution centre in South East England, and plans to export the products from its UK warehouse.

    It is possible, however, that this could not be a quick solution for Kelloggs and KFC as UK supply chains have not yet been fully sorted out yet.

    Sainsbury’s announced in December it would sell its first products from the UK to US firms in 2014.

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    Gas pipeline explosion in north Texas

    « We found him within seconds of opening the door of the second-story home, » said Hargrove, adding, « We do know at this point he was transported to University Medical Center Laredo by fire personnel. »

    Residents were able to access the home early Wednesday evening and residents were asked to remain indoors due to the risks of the explosion.

    No injuries were reported.

    The gas plant said late Wednesday it will re-route traffic.

    ‘What we’re seeing is what we’re expecting’: Houston fire chief as gas explosion at Shell gas plant continues https://t.co/N8l9OdzLmYpic.twitter.com/hYg9VZpwq6 — USA TODAY (@USATODAY) August 10, 2017

    Kurtis Lee, who works in the area, told the San Antonio Express-News that his home sits behind a natural gas tank.

    « I have had the tank about 30 minutes since the last blast because it’s very dry, so there’s always a little bit of gas inside, » he said. « But that’s been about it, so you don’t have any reason to move away. »

    Police have received the area surrounding the gas plant and are looking for anyone who may have seen anything.

    It was not immediately clear how the explosion affected traffic in the neighborhood.

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    Two cases of Tasmanian swine flu have been confirmed in Sydney including one suspected to have been spread by a dead chicken, despite the state’s strict vaccination laws.

    Key points: Two confirmed cases of Tasmanian swine flu in NSW

    Tasmania confirmed the cases of the disease in New South Wales.

    The NSW health department said there has been an increase in cases of swine flu in NSW, including in Sydney’s north-west.

    The government is trying to combat the virus by requiring all poultry farms to carry full-spectrum testing for the disease.

    Tasmania health department head Dr Andrew Skelton said this had allowed the government to ensure swine flu cases had been recorded earlier rather than earlier.

    « We had just been told it would be a week but when we saw it was going to be one week before we got it published the response was instantaneous, » Dr Skelton told the ABC’s 7.30 program.

    « The response to the swine flu was enormous – people came, the sick were discharged into hospital.

    « There’s over 400 deaths in this country each year of people caught up in this. »

    Dr Skelton said the country’s strict vaccination policy was working well.

    « I do think the challenge is that the number of cases that have happened and all that has happened is people have been on vaccinations as an alternative.

    « So now we have the disease to deal with. We don’t know what the disease is, what it is causing.

    « The thing that’s important here is we need to have our heads up and think about the potential impacts that we can have.

    « We need to ensure we give people the best possible protection. »

    Dr Skelton says the numbers of people in urgent care and the number of children under the age of five affected by the disease is not the most important thing right now.

    « But it’s important that we get a full understanding and also understand how many more people are at risk of what they are in that we need to be better prepared for this epidemic, » he said.

    State health department spokeswoman Sally O’Connor said Tasmania had identified four swine flu cases so far this year and the situation was still developing.

    She said the current situation meant there had been a number of unconfirmed cases and there was nothing to indicate swine flu could be a more significant disease.

    Ms O’Connor said the Swine flu season began in the South West in March and from June until December was the most dangerous season.

    Ms O’Connor said people should be prepared and be sure to brin

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    New report finds that more than half of all UK companies would struggle to hire staff without increased productivity.

    In an analysis commissioned by the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) think tank, nearly 1,000 employers in 15 categories including retail, restaurants, and education across the UK are estimated to find it difficult to afford to recruit and retain highly skilled, skilled and experienced staff.

    The research, published today, finds that more than 70 per cent of employers would struggle to afford to hire staff without improving productivity and in some cases, would be forced to cut staff levels to reduce the costs of doing so.

    According to the analysis of employment and tax data, some 1.4 million UK citizens may be « offshoring » their jobs to low-cost countries like China and Korea. This is done through the illegal entry of low-skilled workers to the UK via unofficial channels, and undercuts national sovereignty by forcing workers to compete with those from abroad on terms that are lower than in the UK.

    Taken collectively, these measures result in significant increases in the cost of hiring and retraining of staff and the total number of jobs lost because of the « brain drain ».

    The report reveals:

    More than one third of companies will struggle to attract and retain highly skilled, skilled and experienced staff if productivity increases by one per cent. A third of companies will have to increase the number of staff they retain to meet productivity improvements, while a quarter will be forced to reduce the number of people they employ.

    Some 85 per cent of firms will be forced to reduce the number of jobs they retain if they achieve average productivity increases of two per cent or above.

    Of the 15 categories examined in the IFS’s report, 15, which cover retail, restaurants, education and food services, will be hit by this kind of cost squeeze.

    The study says that firms in these 10 areas will be faced with either hiring fewer staff or cutting spending. These measures will have a positive or negative impact on the productivity and employment levels of UK workers as firms’ spending will fall or rise as a result.

    This would undermine government economic arguments about how well firms are employing the best workers or how the UK can compete in the globalisation that is shaping globalisation.

    The study says:

    A large proportion of the remaining sector will suffer, but some firms will not be able to afford any changes in terms of staffing and will simply not be able to afford to hire the required skilled staff. A third of firms will find it difficult to attract and retain highly skilled workers outside the UK, including from overseas, and will seek alternative funding sources. This will reduce the number of good-quality job

    More snow and road warnings have been issued on Saturday morning, with more snow to come on Sunday.

    Wind gusts and strong gusts could bring power outages as temperatures rise. Temperatures on Sunday are forecasted to be in the 90s.

    Rural residents will feel the effects of rain on Sunday. The city has issued a mandatory water advisory for all residents with water meters at 6 p.m.

    Rural communities in southern Ontario and Manitoba are under weather warnings but not flood warnings.

    Highways should be closed during the entire weekend.

    Storms are also possible.

    A tornado warning is issued for a part of the Ottawa region from the south of King Edward to the downtown area from 7:30 p.m. Sunday until 10:30 p.m. Monday. The storm will affect areas north of Highway 417 near St. Joseph Place.

    A storm warning has been issued for the entire Lake of the Woods area.

    Storms are also possible in parts of the Prairies and Eastern Ontario.

    High temperatures are expected to rise in both provinces Sunday, with a high of 44 C in Ontario and a higher of 54 C in Manitoba.

    The high should fall into the upper 50s. Temperatures should rise into the mid-60s in western Ontario during the day.

    Heavy rain and strong winds could cause road closures.

    High temperatures in western Ontario will be high Tuesday, with a high of 49 C in northern Ontario and 46 C in southern Manitoba.

    Winds are expected to be strong in both regions as well.

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